The Promise of Tomorrow

It’s been a long time since I have written.  To be honest, it has been a long time since I have felt like writing.  A lot has happened in the few months since I last posted, and while I usually like to keep this blog strictly about Shady and Indy, I feel a brief touch into my life will help explain the direction we are going in the future.

To say that it has been a stressful few months might be an understatement; however it has been all for the good and I certainly have come out far ahead of where I ever imagined.

More detailed blogs are to follow, on most topics, but an overview will help me create a timeline while allowing me to jump around a little.  My year started with an incredible trip to Germany where I learned a new trade – saddle flocking and repair.  This has truly allowed my business to explode; I have been incredibly busy and having a great time meeting wonderful new people and being able to help them and their horses has provided me with immense satisfaction.

The US team with part of the German team, finishing our training in Germany

Getting away from everything and focusing on a new trade allowed me an opportunity to truly evaluate my personal life and the direction I wanted to be going.

It was difficult, as most change is, but I had to put myself first and stop wasting energy in a stagnant, emotionally exhaustive relationship.  I was ready to move forward with my life, and unwilling to put any more effort into someone who wasn’t ready to do the same for me.  So, I left the key on the table, walked out the door forever, boarded a plane and went to represent Stubben at Rolex.

Upon coming back, I moved into my newly purchased home.  The timing was perfect, and it is everything I needed.  I’ve taken some time to truly make it my own, upgrading and fixing; and now, finally, Indy and Shady are spending their first night at home.  They love their new grass fields and are content now in their stalls.  They will be living outside for most of the year, which will really make them happy.  Soon Indy will have a friend joining them,  which will be another exciting moment.

Indy and Shady enjoy their grass fields

KC, my little cat, has really settled into farm life, and is thoroughly enjoying her time chasing mice in the fields and hanging out in the barn.  I was feeling bad about all my travel time and one day found her a kitten to have as her very own.  She was scared at first, as her previous cat-mate had been rather nasty to her, but as I type she and the kitten are running around the house playing.  I’m happy she has someone for when I am traveling for work.  Plus, this kitten is highly entertaining and cute as cute could be!

Kitten’s first night at home.  She settled right in!

Six months ago I could never have imagined sitting here where I am.  I never realized how badly I needed change and how good it would ever be for me.  I’ve got my own farm, a growing business, and the world ahead of me.




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