Meet Indy

Revel In Soul – “Indy”

Indy made his appearance into the world on May 21st, 2015, at about 10:30pm.  His mom, Shady, is an Anglo-Arab, and his sire is Riverman.  Riverman is a Holsteiner from Hilltop Farm, who is frequently the USEF leading Eventing sire of the year (he was just named it again, for 2015.)

Indy, about 30 minutes old

I’ve spent a lot of time with Indy and he has won the hearts of many fans.  He is very intelligent and extremely curious.  He was awarded “Foal of Distinction” at his Oldenburg Inspection.

Born a beautiful bay, he is slowly changing into a dark gray

He’s already been exposed to quite a bit – he bathes, ties, crossties, trailers, goes on trail rides ponying with mom, goes through puddles, goes over logs and small objects, and leads with ease.  We will make individual blog posts about how we achieved all of these successes.


Kicking up his heels at about 3 weeks old

The hope is that he will love to Event in the future.  At the moment, he has already shown us some eventing potential!

Indy Inspection 04
Indy at his inspection, 6 weeks old