Meet Andrea


I’ve been riding and working around horses my entire life.  In 2001 I went to UNH to pursue my Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science with a focus in Pre-Veterinary Medicine.  While doing so, I started my own business at the age of 19.  I leased a facility and offered horse boarding, training, lessons, and sales.

This is when I had the opportunity to buy Shadais China Moon, “Shady”, my first horse.  Little did I know what an amazing journey she would take me on.

Shady and I at our first event, spring, 2004

Over the next ten years, I ran the business successfully.  Shady and I went on to compete through the upper levels of Eventing.  We traveled all over New England, New York, and down to Virginia.  I also had the opportunity to bring along numerous training horses, from backing to competing.  I had three foals for clients, purchased numerous breeds, rehabbed all different types of injuries and illnesses, and even wound up with several horses abandoned with me.

Mac, a paint stallion who I trained up through Training level.

Shady and I also had the opportunity to train with numerous fabulous trainers, including Olympic medalists.  We trained for years with Torrance Watkins, a 1980 and 1984 Olympic competitor, who brought home a gold and bronze in Eventing.  She can’t wait to work with Indy and I someday.

Riding one of Torrance’s upper level horses after having a lesson on Shady

We also rode with Gina Miles, 2008 Olympic silver medalist, in a clinic at Equine Affaire.  That was a big atmosphere!  Shady handled that like a champ, of course.

I went back to school in 2011 and graduated 3 years later with my Master’s of Business Administration with a focus on Entrepreneurship.  I decided to close the business.  Although it was successful and I enjoyed it, it was a lot of work that left me too little time for my own horse.  I was also leasing facilities which kept me rather limited in what I could do and how big I could grow.

Having more time allowed me to breed Shady, and in 2015 Revel in Soul, “Indy,” made his appearance.  It wouldn’t have been fair, or right, of me to have had a foal with no time to spend with him.  I make time everyday for him, for them, training, exposing, caring, and loving on them.

Currently, I work as the New England Representative for Cavalor – Premium Equine Feed, Supplements, and Care Products.  I also work as a custom saddle fitter for Stubben.  Both jobs allow me to do what I love – help people with their horses.  I also, of course, get to spoil my horses with amazing products.

I am also working on a patent pending product for horses.  I am thrilled about it, and can’t wait to bring it to market.  I hope to be able to start my own business, beginning with this product, later on in 2016.

Shady, at a year pregnant, posing with me for my Stubben headshots.