Meet Shady

Shadais China Moon – “Shady”

Shady was born on April 13th, 1999 in Minnesota.  Her dam was a black Thoroughbred mare and her sire a handsome bay Arabian.  She lived there for about a year, growing up with a herd of about 30 Nubian goats and many other horses.  She was sold as a yearling and somehow wound up in Maine as an unbroke, untrained 4 year old.

Shady, a few days after coming to live with me.

Over the past 13 years Shady has had quite the life.  She loves to work and is curious about everything.  She’s very intelligent and needs to stay mentally stimulated, otherwise she gets grumpy!

Traveling all over New England, New York, and even down to Virgina, Shady competed very successfully through the Preliminary Championship level in the sport of Eventing.  She schooled and entered Intermediate but unfortunately a suspensory injury sidetracked her.  She healed well and returned to eventing, but not to be pushed to the upper levels again.

Stuart 01
Shady and I at the Stuart Horse Trials, Preliminary Level

In May of 2015 Shady embarked on a whole new adventure – she became a mom.  Revel In Soul, or “Indy,” has been an amazing experience for both of us.  She is an excellent mother; laid back and supportive, but she disciplined him when necessary.  She’s incredibly tolerant when he is bouncing along off of her when he’s being ponied on a trail ride.  She’s shown him the ropes of puddles, small obstacles to step over, indoor arenas, and many, many more life challenges.

Shady and Indy, having a loving moment.

Shady is far from being done.  She’s enjoying coming back into work after her maternity leave, and will be back to competing next year.

She’s still got a lot of adventures to have.


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