Indy’s Birthday

How it happened so fast, I don’t know. Before I knew it, a year had a gone by.  May 21st, The Big Day, raced at me like a hungry pony. Suddenly, before my very eyes, Indy turned the big oh-one. 1 year old. When did this happen? How did my spindly giant bundle of legs turn into this giant horse? Who let it happen this fast? I certainly do not remember approving this.

The day was perfect – sunny and bright with a light breeze to keep the bugs at bay.  I had planned a jump cleanup day followed by a BBQ to celebrate Indy.  Friends and well wishers stopped by throughout the day to wish Indy a happy birthday.  To him, it was just another day in the limelight (he gets lots of attention every day).

Starting the day with a little Dunks

Indy hung out with his best bud Cal while the rest of us got ambitious and built a bank jump. I have to say I was pretty proud of it when we finished.  We hadn’t rally planned it; I looked at a pile of wood and a natural slope and said, hey, let’s make a bank.  Worked out quite well!

Our new bank jump, built in honor of Indy

Indy joined us for the BBQ and supervised the cutting of his cake.  He did not think the green frosting he got all over his face was very impressive.  Grass, he says, tastes much better.

Indy’s Cake!

We did an official measuring on his big day and somehow, unbeknownst to me, Indy is already 15 hands.  I can only imagine what next years height will be.

Official measuring time!

Before everyone left, Indy got to christen the new jump, built in his honor.  He was distracted by all the tall grass surrounding it, but then followed me up the bank like a champ – straight to the grass on the top side. No big deal.  I couldn’t have been more proud. Nothing phases this boy! We ended there – I wanted the new footing to settle for a few days before attempting to go down it.

After everyone left Indy enjoyed a thorough grooming (he absolutely loves being groomed).  He and Shady the both got a nice Mash & Mix snack, complete with carrots and apples.  Before I left Indy was already laying down, snoozing away in his stall.  I took that to mean he had a good day 🙂


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