Indy’s return to the big field

After 6 weeks of stall rest and 30 days in the round pen, Indy went back down to the clinic to get cleared to return to the big field.  His surgeon was quite happy with his movement and how his legs felt.  He got the go ahead to go back out! (see Indy’s OCD SurgeryThe Big Day – Indy Returns To Turnout if you forgot what happened!)

He went out with his best buddy, Cal, and two other older geldings.  All he wanted to do was run!  I, of course was terrified he was going to hurt himself.

The older bay had to be taken out; as you can see in the video he’s not impressed with Indy.  He started chasing him more and more, not leaving him alone.  Indy, quite out of shape, was likely to get hurt, so he was banished from the paddock.  The older chestnut, while grumpy, remained with Indy and Cal, as he wasn’t going to hurt anyone, but would instead teach Indy about space and manners.

I’m so happy that Indy has friends.  I think it is really important for a youngster to play, learn boundaries, and enjoy life.

It’s a little crazy though, how big he’s getting!  If you look quick, it’s hard to tell them apart sometimes…




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