Getting back to normal…

Indy has been back to a more normal routine for a week now. He eats his breakfast (his favorite!) then heads outside for the day.  He’s still in a smaller turnout, one of the round pens, which he doesn’t seem to mind. Shady, on the other hand, isn’t too impressed with the situation.  Indy loves to tease her; running up to her and kicking in her direction, giving her a gentle nip to the flank, the occasional body slam, or just running under her neck when she is trying to enjoy the sunshine.  She gets so annoyed; I swear her ears must be sore at the end of the day from being pinned for so long.

Hard not to be mad when your child is kicking at your face….photo credit to Michelle Burdick Photography

Nevertheless, I do think they enjoy each other’s company.  I know Indy loves being with her and while Shady is annoyed, she loves him.  I caught them grooming each other one day.  It was adorable.


I keep her out with him for several reasons.  Besides safe company (I know they won’t injure each other) Shady is unlikely to get him racing around like a madman hell bent on hurting himself.  Her calm quiet demeanor helps keep him more mellow.  Since his first day out, he has been pretty quiet.  He doesn’t run around all that much and has been keeping all four feet on the ground when being led.  He had absolutely exhausted himself that first day, practically dragging into his stall and snoozing while I groomed him.  I think once he got his kicks out of his system it was back to normal for him.

He’s doing a lot less of this now….amazing photo credit to Michelle Burdick Photography

He will stay in his small turnout for another three weeks, then have a vet check.  Shady will most likely stay with him most, if not the entire time. It gives her paddock a good chance to dry out as it is pretty muddy out at the moment.  The nice thing is that I can take her for a ride and he doesn’t get upset.  Some people were concerned that they would become too attached if I put them together.  Thankfully, we had a very successful weaning months ago and it’s never been a big deal for them to be separated.  Indy learned early on that sometimes Shady has things to do that don’t include him, but she will be back.

Otherwise, I haven’t done much with Indy.  I groom him every day and hang out in their paddock for a bit.  I don’t want to push his rehab by walking him now that he is moving all day.  After being in for so long he needs to get stronger again at his own pace.

His legs look good.  The right one looks completely normal.  The left one still has some edema.  It hasn’t gone down a whole lot since he went out, but it hasn’t gotten any bigger.  It may take up to 6 months to go away, with the chance of some being there forever.  Soundness wise, he looks fabulous, which is great!

Shady and I have gone riding nearly every day.  I will very soon be posting about the results of our Shady exam and what we are doing to strengthen her and head back to competing.


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