Shady & Indy Update

Once again, it has gotten really busy and I apologize to those of you who have reached out, wondering how the horses are doing.  The good news is, they are doing great!  Which keeps me busy.

Indy is up to walking 25 minutes today.  He was very, very good.  We’ve been incorporating walking outside of the barn into our laps.  We walk 3/4 of the lap in the barn, then add a small loop outside.  Indy says that it is very overstimulating outside and he must leap, rear, and buck sometimes.  Going back inside helps; he then has some time to calm down and get bored with the barn again, then is calmer going back to the outside part.

My friend at Michelle Burdick Photography finally got some of the outside action on film!

His hocks look better and better all the time.  The swelling in his right hock is almost completely gone.  The left hock still has some, but it is going down.  It may take several months for it to go away completely, or he may always have a little enlargement there.  The important thing is that it won’t bother him and he is completely sound now.  For those that are new to the blog, Indy had OCD and subsequently had OCD Surgery.

When we get to 30 minutes of hand walking, Indy can go back outside in a small paddock for a month.  Then he will be re-evaluated and free to go back to his big paddock.  He will be at 30 minutes early next week and I am very excited for him.  He will be so happy to feel the sun on his face again, and smell the wind.

Sometimes we just stand for a few minutes, just enjoying being outside.

I don’t want to ruin Shady’s story as I want to blog about the steps to diagnosing her.  I will say that we had a very positive outcome and she is now doing great.  Yesterday, she even got a bath, which she actually seemed to enjoy.

We have been riding nearly every day and she has been feeling stronger each day.  As I mentioned in my Lyme Disease in Horses post, she is not currently having a flare up of Lyme, which brought me great relief.  It is nice to know that I have been managing the disease well and she isn’t bothered by it.

Now that the weather is nice, we try to incorporate hacking into every ride.  This picture really points out that I need to spend some time on that mane.

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