Growing Pains

Unfortunately, at the end of last week, Indy had a minor setback.  He had been taken off the anti-inflammatory medications, left unwrapped, and was going for short walks, which he enjoyed.  He had started to get some edema in his lower left leg, so I began putting standing wraps on.  The clinical staff and I weren’t very surprised by this; he has been stuck in a stall for two weeks, had had extensive work done in that leg, and to top it off, I swear he grows bigger every day.

After a couple days with the standing wraps, I got a text from my friend at the clinic.  I found it slightly humorous, as she clearly knows me and could tell my reaction.  It basically said, “I wrapped Indy’s leg back up, it was a little swollen, I didn’t want you to panic when you got here.”  Hmm. Here I was thinking I was hiding my fears and anxiety pretty well.  I guess not.

He doesn’t seem to mind.

He got his stitches out of his right hock as that one is behaving well and looks great.  They are going to stay in the left hock a little longer; didn’t want to change too much all at once.  We aren’t too worried about this at the moment.  Well, I try not to be super worried anyway.  It makes sense.  The surgeon spent over an hour just in the left hock.  He cleaned it up really well and it looks great on the X-rays.  There was a lot more damage in the left hock than the right and when we combine that with the constant growing and remodeling, well, it just may need a little more time to heal, that’s all.

So the wrap went back on the left leg for a few days, and he went back on the anti-inflammatory meds.  He does get pre and pro biotics in his feed, as well as a supplement to help protect his stomach from ulcers and the harmful effects of his medication.  His appetite is great and he hasn’t had any abnormal manure.

His wrap came off yesterday and his leg looked much better.  It is still swollen in the hock joint, but much smaller than it was before.  We are optimistic that the swelling will go away completely.  It could take even up to six months, we shall see.  The plan for the moment is to give him more stall rest to see if the swelling stays minimal without wraps and anti-inflammatories.  If it does, then we can start our little walks back up and get back on track to going outside.

The picture on the left was taken right before his surgery.  You can see how swollen the joint is.  The picture on the right was taken last night, two and a half weeks after the surgery.  You can see the swelling has gone down quite a bit.  It’s just going to take time, especially since he insists on growing like crazy!

In the meantime, he celebrated Valentine’s Day with a Mash & Mix, which he loved (you can hear lots of slurping and drooling)….

and he has figured out that there is food in his toy, but he hasn’t figured out the best way to get it yet.



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