Recovery – Day 11

We are at the halfway point of Indy’s stall rest and he’s still doing great!  He’s now allowed to hand walk for 5 minutes, adding a minute each day.  The goal is to be up to about 15 minutes of hand walking before he goes on out limited turnout.

His walks are both a physical stimulation and a mental one.  He enjoys exploring around the clinic, meeting new horses and snorting at strange things.  It’s a fantastic change of scenery for him!

Today was a little too exciting.  We rounded a corner and Indy tossed his head and hopped into a little buck.  It was adorable and brought a huge smile to my face, but at the same time, a slight pang of horror, worried that he would hurt himself.  He was polite enough to aim his body away from mine, which was great, but I still needed to be a parent and let him know that wasn’t okay.  A slight lead rope tug and a firm no was all he needed.

Last night, I finally got him to understand how his toy works!  I filled his toy with his grain and put the toy in his feed bucket.  He had to move it around in order to get to the grain and he quickly realized that when he moved it, more came out.  He was very excited and proud of himself.

(if you listen closely you can hear the lips smacking and some slight drool)

When I came in this morning I was told he had been playing with his toy all morning.

His legs are looking super.  The incisions are healing nicely.  Two days ago, he was getting a little stocked up in the lower legs.  This is fairly common when a horse is on stall rest, and especially after a major event like his surgery.  I put standing wraps on him for a couple days, and today they were back to their normal, tight selves.

Today, Indy also got a surprise visit from Shady.  I wasn’t going to bring her down, unless he got depressed or something happened, but now it’s her turn.  Shady went down for some hock x-rays.  I will do a more detailed post about her soon.

When we opened the door to come in Indy had been laying down napping.  He recognized her footfalls on the pavement and jumped to his feet with an eager whinny.  They had a nice moment, then Shady went to do her thing and Indy didn’t mind.  I was worried when I brought Shady back to her paddock that they would be upset, but they weren’t at all.


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