Day 7 of Indy’s Recovery

It’s been a week since Indy’s surgery and I couldn’t be happier.  He is doing great and seems to have accepted that he doesn’t go out anymore.  That makes me sad, but I am glad that he isn’t going stir crazy.

He finds the barn cat, Roger, fascinating.  He loves little animals and is very gentle with them.  When I was hanging out with Indy two night ago, Roger came to investigate.  Indy smelled him all over and nuzzled him with his upper lip.  Roger seemed to like it and rubbed back into him.  It was adorable!

The next morning when I came, Roger was sitting outside of Indy’s stall door.

I also got Indy a toy, hoping that would give him something to do.  I got him a large wobbly Kong, the popular dog toy.  I’ve got friends that use that to keep their horses entertained.  You put treats in it and as they wobble it around the treats fall out.  Usually keeps horses busy for about an hour.

Sadly, Indy isn’t very interested in the toy.  He noses it around, but the treats or chunky pellets get lost in the shavings.  I’m not too surprised; he’s very laid back and mellow.

On the positive side, his bandages came off yesterday and his legs look great!

The silver stuff is an antibiotic, wound sealing spray.  You can barely see the two stitches.  There’s still some inflammation, but I think the legs are already smaller!

He also had new x-rays taken and everything looks good so far.  He will start remodeling the area and laying down new bone.

Left hock, where the biggest damage was.  You can already see a big difference here where it has begun to heal.

Hopefully soon we will get the go ahead to start small little hand walks.  Otherwise, it’s 7 days down, 14 more to go before he can go out in a small paddock!

Shady and I have been having great rides.  I go visit Indy for a bit, then ride Shady, then go back to see Indy and tuck him in for the night.  Shady always smells me when I see her; she must smell him.  Then he smells me when I go back.  They seem to be doing fine being separated.

We went for a bareback hack the day after our jumping session, which she thoroughly enjoyed.  With the weather being so nice lately, we’ve been enjoying the trials after each ride.

Had a nice sunset ride, this was the view from partway up our big, bum-building hill.

I’ve been really focusing on my position; in particular carrying my hands and sitting up straight.  Shady has responding by coming through better from behind and being more consistent in my hands.  Imagine that – I improve my position and she goes better!


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