Recovery – Day 3

Stall rest is a lot to ask of a baby.  3 weeks is an eternity to them.  I am happy to report that Indy is doing amazingly well.  He is tolerating the stall rest for the moment.  However, I came in this morning and noticed the note on his chart:

Actual picture of chart.

I can’t say I blame him.  The wraps are itchy and annoying, I’m sure.  The goal is to keep him wrapped for just two more days – 5 total.  That would be ideal for his healing.  Once the wraps come off we will do our best to keep the area clean and use a wound sealing spray to keep the small incisions clean and closed.

We aren’t cleared for hand walking yet, so we are very limited to what we can do.  He has been very calm and laid back in his stall, as well as on the crossties.  I have been taking him out twice each day to groom him.  The crossties at least provide him with a slight change of scenery.  He doesn’t need to be groomed twice each day but he does enjoy it and he is shedding quite a bit.

Lots of hay!

Thankfully, he does have a buddy next to him that is also on stall rest.  He’s also got a nice big window that he likes looking out and lots of hay all the time. Now I have to worry about him getting fat. Considering a slow feeder hay net.

Indy saying hi to his buddy.

Otherwise, the activity in the clinic seems to keep him entertained. He likes to whinny in greeting at every horse that comes in.  It’s pretty adorable.

Shady has been quite awesome as well.  We’ve been getting stronger each day with lunging, in-hand work, stretching, and riding forward. Today we joined some barn friends in an afternoon jump session. We had a blast!  I used to have jump nights with my barn a few years back in the wintertime. Not only is it safer to jump together, but good motivation as well.  We set up a fun course with lots of turns.  Had I jumped alone I would have been lazy and probably only set up one or two.

Shady was very appreciative of jump group and was a bit full of it. She hasn’t jumped that much in the well over a year.  Her inner Arabian side came out!  The first time we tried to do the course she bombed around, tail in the air, ignoring me.  Slightly embarrassing.

In my defense we did a rollback to that jump and our turn was a little wider than intended.

The next time I remembered I could actually ride and help her, a novel idea! I sat back, carried my hands, and put my leg on. Lo and behold, my horse remembered how to jump and listen. I was very pleased with her, especially considering that we haven’t jumped and still need to strengthen a lot behind.

It was a beautiful day outside so we went for a trail ride as well.  We discovered a huge hill that Shady really wanted to canter up, but we walked. As long as the weather and footing are good we will incorporate that hill into our session. Super way to build up that hind end!


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