More pre-surgery

I need to play a little more catch up!  Tonight I will sit down and put together a new blog post about the actual surgery.

First though, I wanted to share some more of our pre-surgery work because I am so proud of my little (big) guy.

I started putting standing wraps on him in order to get him used to the wraps he will have on after his surgery.  I had my boyfriend hold him while I slowly put them on his hind legs.  As you can see from the below video, he strolled off without an issue.  Most horses would be picking their legs up high and hopping around, or shaking their legs trying to get it off.  He didn’t even seem to notice!

We then spent a lot of time just strolling around outside, since the weather is cooperating this week.  He will be on stall rest for three weeks following the surgery, so I wanted him to get out as much as possible for now.  He was very curious this week, and I encouraged that.  Where he wanted to go and investigate, we went (as long as he wasn’t pulling me to get there, he still needed to have his manners!)

In particular, he wanted to go say hi to any horses he could, of course.

He’s a social butterfly

I was away for work on Wednesday, but my friends brought him down to the clinic for me.  His surgery was Thursday morning, and he couldn’t eat anything that morning.  We figured it would be best for him to be in the clinic overnight.  That way, when the barn was getting fed and turned out, Indy wouldn’t be sad and feeling ignored in his stall.

They reported back that he was a perfect gentleman for his additional x-rays, hock clipping, and blood work.  I had expected him to be, but hearing that certainly made me proud 🙂

Look at those sexy shaved legs!



3 thoughts on “More pre-surgery”

  1. What a good boy! C was lifting high and kicking out when I had wraps on him! I’ll shame him using this video. 🙂 You’ve done so well with him and he’s heinously cute– I’ll be thinking happy thoughts for you and him going into the surgery!


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