Inspired by my Eventing Community

Yesterday was an inspiring day!  I was off with a great group of ladies to the USEA Area 1 meeting.  Shady and I have been out of competition for a little while now, while I made some life changes and she made Indy.  I’ve been excited to return to competition, but even more so after today.

We got there early enough to have time to mingle before sitting down.  It was so wonderful to see some old friends.  Also great was meeting Facebook friends I hadn’t actually met in person yet.  The eventing community truly is a group of fabulous people.  It didn’t matter if we knew each other or not; every time I turned around I was talking to someone about our horses.  Conversations were casual and easy to slip into; new friends felt like old within minutes.

Shady King Oak 2007
A friend posted this on FB after the meeting.  Look how happy Shady is!

On the down side, I was surprised to see how few people were there to pick up their awards.  Compared to our group numbers, not many people actually came to the meeting.  I must confess, this was my first meeting, but now I will avoid missing any.  We have such an amazing sport, with so much support from other members.  We need to all give back to keep the community thriving.  I was happy and proud that I donated to the silent auction and I want to continue giving back by volunteering at events when I can.

I also fought the desire to tear up every time someone won an award on their homebred.  Someday, that will be me and Indy.  As you can see, Indy has been ready for Cross Country since he was 3 days old:

(still quite possibly my favorite video ever)

Next came our program coordinators and I must say, our Adult Rider Program rocks.  I can’t wait to get out there and on an ARP team!

Finally, Tremaine Cooper, course designer extraordinaire, gave a fantastic speech on course design.  He took us on a virtual cross country course walk, explaining each fence and the questions being asked of the riders.  I hope that it truly helped everyone in the room ride their courses better this year.

For the most part, I was out-ninja-ed in the silent auction.  My inexperience showed through.  I did win a $50 entry credit towards On The Bit Events, so I am super excited about that.  Today, my calendar comes out to seriously plan the show season.

I even made it home in time to see Shady and Indy and tell them what an exciting year we have ahead.

How I found Indy.  You can see how very excited he is about the upcoming year.

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