2016 Horse Related Plans and Goals

I thought this was a pretty good saying as we head into a New Year

I normally don’t do resolutions, goals, or things like this.  However, I have come to learn the value of writing things down and making plans with achievable goals.  Plus, this can only benefit my 4 legged kids, and there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for them.

So, in no particular order, here is what I would like to achieve in 2016:

  • Better fitness for myself.  I’m not super out of shape, but I do find it harder to keep up with Indy and I find my riding seat weaker as Shady gets stronger.  It’s not fair to her that I get sloppier as our ride goes on.  I’m sure everyone has read lots of articles on the importance of keeping in shape for riding so I won’t dwell on this one.
  • Start going after my USDF Bronze medal.  Shady and I have only ever competed in Eventing.  I would like to expand our horizons and try a new discipline.  This doesn’t mean we are not going to event; this is in addition to a few events.

    Dressage (2)
    Shady and I at GMHA, Preliminary level, 2008
  • Ride in a 25 mile endurance ride and/or complete a 3 day event.  Again, going along the lines of trying new things and expanding horizons.  I am hoping to focus a lot on fitness this year, for both Shady and I.  This will help keep her sound and mentally fresh. Neither she nor I like drilling the same thing over and over in the ring.  I want to get her out and about, feeling curious and stimulated.
  • Bring Indy to a show or two.  I would ideally love to bring him to the Future Event Horse competitions.  These are competitions for yearlings, two and three year old horses that evaluates their potential to become upper level event horses.  Hopefully they will have one near me! It would be a good experience for him and fun to take him out.

    Indy Inspection 04
    Indy at his breed inspection, July 2015
  • Take better care of my tack and equipment.  It’s so important; not only for the longevity of your tack, but for your the comfort of your horse as well.  I think we can all agree here and enough said.
  • Expand my knowledge and share it as well.  I see a lot of horse related issues, diseases, lameness, training techniques, etc when I am traveling to barns.  Learning more myself will only benefit me, my horses, and those who I make recommendations to.  Sharing my learning and experience here will help benefit the horse community.  I plan to start including some articles along these lines here in my blog.I think that’s about it for the horse related goals!  Happy New Year everyone, looking forward to a great 2016!

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