Indy’s First Time Seeing Snow!

So yesterday we got our first snowfall of the season.  I wasn’t excited about it, other than the fact that Indy had never seen snow before.

I had the same look of horror on my face this morning when I looked out the window.

He really didn’t seem to care as we walked out the barn door and into the snow.  His biggest concern was that the other horses were still inside and he was the only one outside (it was very windy, cold, and changing back and forth from snow to freezing rain).

You can see from the look of disgust on my face that I was not impressed.

I decided to grab Shady for support and we headed to the round pen, hoping there he would run around and play.

His biggest concern, however, was the snowballs that were forming on his whiskers.

Not impressed with his whiskers at the moment.

You can see in the video that he keeps trying to shake them off!


He did pose for a handsome picture…


and tried to get himself stuck….

Thankfully his tongue did not get stuck to the metal!

and then ran around some, but I think it was more because he had energy from staying in all day.

Maybe he will play more in the future!




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